I.A.T.S.E TWU 810

Theatrical Wardrobe Workers of Greater Kansas City

Membership Process

Unless waived by International, all applicants must have been a resident for at least eighteen (18) months immediately preceding their application within the jurisdiction of local 810. They must also be of legal age to engage in gainful occupation. Local 810 does not discriminate in respect to membership by reason of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, or age.

Application for membership must be made on the official printed form supplied by the International and can be obtained by contacting the Secretary of the Local. The application must be submitted along with a resume with 3 references and one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) which is one-half  (1/2) of the initiation fee. The one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) balance of the initiation fee is due upon acceptance of membership. If membership is not accepted the initiation fee is refunded.

There is also a one hundred dollar ($100)  processing fee for the application due when submitting the application. Your membership is voted on by Local 810 membership and if accepted the application is sent to International for approval. This fee is not refundable once an application is sent to International.

Total monies submitted with the application should be $250.00.

Financial Details

  • Initiation Fee - $300.00
  • Application Fee - $100.00
  • Quarterly Dues - See Below *
  • Work Referral Fee - 1% of gross income


2023 $63.00 $252.00
2024 $63.00 $252.00
2025 $63.00 $252.00

Hiring Hall

TWU Local 810 maintains a list of qualified wardrobe workers that are available for working calls. Membership in the Union is not required to be eligible.  If you would like to be considered for this list please fill out an  Information Sheet.  Once submitted it'll be reviewed and we'll contact you if work becomes available.  Please note this is not a guarantee of work and current wardrobe workers on our list are considered first.

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